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SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor

SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor

The SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor allows fast video downloads and conversions.

License Freeware
Updated on Dec 15, 2016
Version 3.2.0
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Author Administrator
Category Animation and Video Tools
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The SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor is a free video downloader and convertor from SpeedBit that enables users to download their favorite online videos at high speeds. The program uses an acceleration technology that puts to work multiple channels of download, which in turn downloads the videos at higher speeds than usual.

Multi-Channel Acceleration Technology

The most outstanding feature of the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor that’s sets it apart from the rest of the competition is the multi-channel acceleration technology that it uses to download videos.

While most other video downloaders that are found on the internet download videos through a single channel, this downloader puts to work its multi-channel acceleration technology that allows it to download a video through multiple channels.

The program also takes over download channels that are idle, replacing them with faster channels that enable quicker downloads.

These fast downloads enable a user to use their bandwidth to its full capacity and therefore allows them to download more videos in a stipulated amount of time in comparison to other video downloaders, and is perfect for those who wish to download their videos quickly, or need to download a large number of videos as quickly as possible.

Easy Conversions

In addition to fast downloads, the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor also allows users to convert these downloaded videos into several formats. These formats include both video and audio formats, thus allowing a user to extract audio from a downloaded video too.

The formats that the downloader allows conversions into include MP3, WMV, MP4, SWF, FLV, MOV, MKV and AVI.

The Complete Package

The SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor gives you the option of fast downloads as well as easy conversions, thus offering you the complete package in a single program. Therefore, users do not have to download a separate video downloader and a separate video convertor, thus saving them time as well as effort.  

Multiple Sites

Unlike some other video downloaders that work only with a few chosen video streaming websites, the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor works efficiently with a long list of sites, thus offering the user more choices.

Essential Links:

Download the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor here.

Download the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor from an external link here.

Learn more about the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor here. 



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